Fierce and stubborn, Chasey has always been the natural leader of her isolated group. But when Rex vanishes, leaving her with only a cryptic set of notes as her guide, she realizes she’s on the brink of something much bigger than she ever imagined. As she and her sisters venture from their remote scrapyard home into the twisted streets of Vile City, Chasey begins to question everything, especially her own past. The deeper she delves, the higher the stakes, and she’s faced with choices that could change not just her future, but the fate of Vile City itself.

Madigan has always been locked in fierce competition with Chasey, a rivalry that finally boils over when Rex vanishes. Stung by Rex’s personal farewell and cryptic notes to Chasey, Madigan sets off for Vile City on a solo mission. Determined to find Rex on her own and prove her worth, she navigates through twisted streets and shady individuals, all the while refusing to admit she could use a helping hand.
Faced with a crucial choice, she must either continue her solitary path to potential self-destruction, or reconcile with her sisters—especially Chasey—to confront the dangers that lie ahead.

An unrivaled sharpshooter and the crew’s designated hunter and tracker, Mercy has shielded herself from the world by immersing in weapon mastery, seclusion, and silence. A quiet observer, she prefers to watch from the shadows, gathering information before making her move. During Rex’s daring liberation of the girls, a catastrophic fire forever marked her, leaving her heavily scarred inside and out. These scars led her to become reserved, but when she decides to speak, it’s with profound insight, earning deep respect from her sisters. In the wild, her blend of stealth, agility, and lethality is unparalleled. Among the squad, she’s potentially the most formidable—if only she could just shed her internal barriers.

The group’s go-to driver and fixer-upper, Derby may not have killer instincts, but she can rig your car to explode and then hot-wire another for your getaway. She’s the adrenaline junkie of the Killgirls, with a love for fast cars, big explosions, and complex gadgets. Don’t let her blonde hair and energetic demeanor fool you. Her knack for causing unintended trouble is almost as legendary as her creativity for getting them out of it. Balancing her bubbly personality with the cunning needed to survive, Derby serves as the team’s heart and often its saving grace. Yet, her inherent optimism faces its own challenges as she confronts the harsh realities of a city built on darkness and deception.


A former enforcer, bodyguard, and right-hand man to one of the biggest crime families in Vile City, Rex lost it all—his arm, his family, and nearly his life—after a brutal coup. Now scraping by in a scrapyard, he’s driven by a desire for revenge against those who took everything from him. Rescuing four young girls from the clutches of Mateo De Luna, he trains and raises them as his personal vendetta squad.
Rex is more than just a mentor to The Killgirls—he’s their creator. When he goes missing, it leaves a void that pushes the girls to evolve. Through it all, Rex realizes these girls are becoming more than just his protegés; they shift from being mere tools of his revenge to becoming the family he never knew he was missing. But is it all too late?

Vile City’s elusive information broker, her name is whispered in dark alleys and VIP lounges alike. Once allied with Rex, that partnership disintegrated under the weight of betrayal and hidden agendas. Now operating in the shadows, her path is destined to intersect with the Killgirls in a way that could change the fate of Vile City. But what does she really want? In a place where alliances can be as deadly as betrayals, Whisper’s true motivations remain veiled. As she weaves through a maze of old wounds and strategic moves, the question arises: Is she seeking redemption or damnation?


The puppet master of Vile City, operating with a lethal blend of sophistication and ruthlessness. His custom suits and intoxicating charm are a facade for a man deeply twisted by a dark past. Rising from the streets, he’s built a sprawling criminal empire that delves into a myriad of illegal activities—from drug trade to arms dealing. But perhaps the most unsettling is his human trafficking side hustle, catering to the vile desires of global elites. His dark network extends into every crevice of Vile City—corrupting judges, manipulating politicians, and pulling rival crime lords into his web. Fueled by an ego that he believes is too grand to fail, Mateo sits atop his empire, convinced that he’s built something unshakeable.

Once a prized member of Mateo’s inner circle, Fiona’s life falls apart when she becomes pregnant, only to lose her child and standing due to Mateo’s sinister manipulations. Though Mateo has manipulated her into thinking her child is better off, doubt gnaws at her, leading to actions that get her expelled from his circle. Later, she encounters Rex and the Killgirls, unearthing fragmented memories of escape and betrayal. Caught between a twisted loyalty to Mateo and the urge to find her child, she tips off Mateo about Rex and the Killgirls hiding outside Vile City. This choice sets off a storm of chaos, making her a crucial piece in the unfolding mess as past and present collide.

Formerly a cop with good intentions, a violent encounter with Rex leaves Halen changed. He becomes a dark force within Vile City’s already corrupt police system, relentlessly pursuing Rex and the Killgirls. It’s a twisted tale of how the pursuit of justice can go terribly wrong.