Story Introduction

Meet the squad: Chasey, Madigan, Mercy, and Derby. Four girls once trapped in a sinister orphanage, designed to groom them for a luxury skin auction catering to the twisted appetites of men, until they were rescued by Rex—a one-armed vigilante.

Fast-forward to 1996: The girls, now 18, have been rigorously trained by Rex over the past eight years to be his personal militia of vengeance. Eager for adventure and yearning to finally prove themselves, the girls are highly-trained soldiers yet completely naive about the world that exists beyond their secluded training grounds.

Their lives take a sharp turn when their hidden home is compromised, and Rex leaves, failing to return. Left to fend for themselves, they find themselves thrust into the dark underworld of Vile City—brutally capable yet socially awkward, they’re fish out of water.

Initially hell-bent on finding Rex, their quest takes a detour as they cross paths with shadowy allies who shift their target to something grander: the takedown of the entire criminal empire linked to their past. The girls quickly realize that raw power and combat skills alone aren’t gonna cut it here. A new challenge arises: they must learn to weaponize their past, their traumas, and even their sexuality—a transformation morphing them from Rex’s ragtag militia into cunning and deadly femme fatales.

So, what’s the next move? Dive deep into the arts of deadly allure, at risk of losing their humanity, or falter and get shredded by the unforgiving gears of Vile City?

Tick-tock, the death clock is ticking.