An overcrowded metropolis rife with crime, corruption, and desperation. At first glance, the city is like any other, but beneath its surface, there exists a thriving underworld. The criminal empires run deep, with factions controlling everything from human trafficking and drugs to illegal arms deals. Streets are bathed in neon lights, rain-soaked pavements, and shadowy alleyways. The city is also a cultural melting pot, with different ethnic enclaves and influences, making it rich and diverse. Gangs and rival families run the streets as authorities and law enforcement are corrupted to the core.

At the center of Vile City’s chaos lies a complex network of rival factions and dark alliances. The balance of power is always shifting, making it a deadly playground for the characters we follow.

Secluded in the harsh wilderness of the mountains, far removed from the vice grip of Vile City, lies the Scrapyard. It’s a sanctuary of grit and steel, where Rex, their grizzled mentor, shapes the girls into his own vendetta squad. With its makeshift training arenas and battle-worn living spaces, cobbled together from society’s discarded waste, the Scrapyard is a forge for unyielding resilience and combat prowess. It may lack polish and comfort, but it brims with a fierce sense of home for the girls—unrefined, gruff, but irreplaceably theirs.

Tucked away and serving as the closest settlement to the Scrapyard, Outlaw Valley is more than just a sanctuary for misfits and rogues—it’s a vital supply link and a community. Managed by Donny, the outpost revolves around a central bar and hidden armory, ensuring everyone has access to the essentials, from a loaded gun to a stiff drink. With an old, weathered train station at its core, this place serves as the lifeline for goods and outlaws alike, moving to and from the rotten depths of Vile City.

Deep within Vile City’s twisted streets lies a hidden hotel. Don’t let its oriental elegance fool you; it’s the nerve center for hush-hush deals and confidential convos. The skills learned here are different from the Scrapyard’s raw brutality but just as essential. What those skills are? That’s for us to know and you to find out.